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Idyllic Realities:::Do Not Exist. 1st 2014 installment.

Idyllic Realities:::Do Not Exist.  During our time in an event, our idea(s) change as to what we thing they shroud be or look like. Our mind(s) play tricks on us with each new waking day and even at the end of it. We feel or think that a path is the one that we should take; we get into it and we find that it is not out desired chose way. It might look good to us as if we were “window shopping” or going to try on some new outfit but when we put it on it does not feel right. Karma can also play a part of these endeavours as to our chosen paths. Try as we might, we just do not fit in the way we thought that we would and this feeling casts a shadow of doubt upon us in such a manner that we begin to rethink and second guess ourselves with each and every decision that we make. Is this what we should do or should we suffer through to make a better position for ourselves in the end. Does the mean justify the ends?  Only when we are in the thick of the event (mess) that we feel we are in do we have a fighting chance. Should we take another option or road to another event? Reality can split and the main event will recede back into the event horizon that is our ever  changing and magnifying mind that we have. Is what we see a true reality or a clouded vision from our minds? Do we want to change our path(s) due to fear? The fear of failure or the fear of success?? Either one and neither one is the correct answer or is it? Time is a tough task master to people like us, people who are afraid of winning and loosing all at the same time. We can fail and win all at the same time never knowing our true potential…

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Stream Of Unconsciousness


The quantum world is defined as anything 1/1000th of an inch or less. The gap between the synapses in our brains is 1/1000th of an inch. We live in at least two worlds; the Newtonian World and the Quantum World. This site investigates how we live in both simultaneously and how this relates to Consciousness and beyond.
  1. Generosity (Skt. dāna; Tib. སྦྱིན་པ་jinpa): to cultivate the attitude of generosity
  2. Discipline (Skt. śīla; Tib. ཚུལ་ཁྲིམས་tsultrim): refraining from harm.
  3. Patience (Skt. kṣānti; Tib. བཟོད་པ་zöpa): the ability not to be perturbed by anything.
  4. Energy (Skt. vīrya; Tib. བརྩོན་འགྲུས་tsöndrü): to find joy in what is virtuous, positive or wholesome.
  5. Meditative Concentration (Skt. dhyāna; Tib. བསམ་གཏན་samten): not to be distracted.
  6. Wisdom (Skt. prajñā; Tib. ཤེས་རབ་sherab): the perfect discrimination of phenomena, all knowable things.

Just a thought…

Sometimes a dream that you have; if you move Heaven to make it happen; turns out to be not like the dream started out st all in the first place. 

You go forward with the dream to see how it will come out,  regardless of the outcome.  Good or bad, you have to follow it to the end…

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I wonder if I am doing the right thing?  Is chasing a dream wrong of me?  Should I have not done so?

Is staying where it is comfortable and easy the right path or should I do what I am doing and pushing the bounds of myself? 

I can always come back if it doesn’t work after having tried.  This is my course as it stands…

I have set forth to chase a dream and I will give it my all!

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Another post in the Idyllic realities:::A Work in progress…By RMStringer

Idyllic realities:::Do Not Exist Sometimes, while in a non-event we are in a true event even though we do not see or feel it at the time. Event happen to us that we do not know or understand how we were brought in to but they happen. We start to see the reality of the situation and we start to become more aware of our environment and our place in it. We find out where we can help our self and our fellows. Things transpire that we do not fully understand but we embrace them as they happen and gladly go on the adventure(s) when and where they occur. Time may pass slowly or very fast because our perception of reality(s) is distorted due to the events unfolding at a feverish pace.  We feel better than we have in years and embrace it with all out person…

Vote against Pipa & Sopa

If half of the people watching American Idol would vote against #pipa and #sopa it Would Be DEAD! #think #wakeup #vote — RMStringer (@RMStringer)

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I struggle daily as to where my place it. I have a thought of where I should be and then something else happens to make me think otherwise. I need a good clear sign from above to point me in the right direction…