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Another post in the Idyllic realities:::A Work in progress…By RMStringer

Idyllic realities:::Do Not Exist Sometimes, while in a non-event we are in a true event even though we do not see or feel it at the time. Event happen to us that we do not know or understand how we were brought in to but they happen. We start to see the reality of the situation and we start to become more aware of our environment and our place in it. We find out where we can help our self and our fellows. Things transpire that we do not fully understand but we embrace them as they happen and gladly go on the adventure(s) when and where they occur. Time may pass slowly or very fast because our perception of reality(s) is distorted due to the events unfolding at a feverish pace.  We feel better than we have in years and embrace it with all out person…