"Thoughts from a Photographic Mind…"


This is inspire…

This is inspired by The Klf “Chill Out” album from 1990!   It is a musical journey and not a race. Lots of samples used and much respect to the original artists and communicators who’s music i used to make this 80 minute mix! I hope you enjoy the mix.  It was a labor of love!

It took me about 1 month to get all the samples and sounds the way i liked them and even then, i still find stuff that i wished i had done a little different.  I use Soundforge 10 and a lot fo different DX and VST plugins.  I use no keyboards or midi controllers.

This is just how my mind works sometimes, making the jump from rock to an old 1980s or even a 1970s country song in the flow of things…

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